singer // songwriter

my first CD recording

Hello world!!

I have been out of the writing for a while…but now I came back with great news of my CD!!!

Working with Edmund Archibold is really good! You know when 2 people get together and it just works without words, agreements etc.

this is the way music should be done! a true and pure creativity, feeling, taste….

I have experienced the new life of positive energy….if you have the intention and you NOT ‘want’, ‘believe’ or ‘assume’ BUT ‘KNOW’ that the dream you have is coming towards you then you stay on that level and it really works! sound strange, crazy…but its the same as energy…we don’t see it nor we need to know how it works in order to use it and to take its benefits…or the gravity…the same thing. we just KNOW.

So keep checking for my new tuuunnneeessssssss! wooohooooo


love and piece! 


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