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local theatre @ bocas

hi all!

I had an amazing day! I spoke to one of my facebook friends – Gabriel, and we were discussing my video So Badly – how everything was made in the spot, without having any idea before making the video etc. etc. and then we started talking about new video releases – i was explaining that i wanted to do shoot in San Blas with indian naitives, the beautiful island in Panama, where i currently reside, or going to Bocas Del Toro – the island famous for surfing, laidback people, parties and organic food.

And then Gabriel mentioned that he is going to Bocas – so i told him to visit the ‘local theatre’ – basically upon my arrival to Bocas, I spent 3 weeks hanging out there with a few friends. One night i was coming back home from a party and opposite our place there was a small grocery store, in Bocas they call them ‘chinitos’, because those kind of shops are owned by chinese people. The store was about to close. So i came home and we, me and my mum, sat down on the terrace, in front of the shop, and had a lovely chat about our amazing life in Panama! 10 minutes later, we heard something moving….and it came closer and closer….we looked at the store opposite us and saw like 5 big rats climbing over the fence and entering the shop, like nothing happend!

They were huge! they were fighting with eachother for a banana and opened a bag of potatochips….smacking, cracking, making funny noises…. it was like a theatre!

but the funniest thing of all – the next day we told to chinito that he had rats at night visiting his place – well, he just resolved it by putting ratpoison in his store! and proudly telling us – chicas! ya! ratas son muertas! (girls! that’s it! the rats are dead!) come visit my shop! hahahahaha yeeaaahhhhh right!


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