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Hi ladies and gents!

We are getting to the end of making CD TAKE 1…finallyyy!!!!! im very pleased with the work we did and im glad i was involved in every step of it…as now it is one of my first creative babies that will be out there!

you can download my single I WANNA SEE U TONIGHT for free at 

now we are looking for (a) sponsor(s) to be part of the project and help us out financially to make 3 things happen

1. sponsor video
2. sponsor the mastering and physical CD copies – yes i know all is digital now, but we are here in Panama and i do believe that having a physical copy with a poster and cool pics inside could serve perfectly for at least another 5 years

3. touring – help us grow and we help them with their brand – we can do a jingle, a commercial, a special edition remix…there are 100000000 ways to work together – its up to the creativity

so guys and gals, if you think this can be interesting for you or if you know someone who might be interested let me know!

you can find me on facebook – anastasia gera or twitter – anastasiageraImage


anastasia gera


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