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Its been almost a year and a bit since I came to Panama. I want to say thanks to this country because here is my environment where I started to realize my dreams and where i got my first fans and people who believe in me and my art.

All of the experience – the great, the good, the medium, the normal, the bad, the worse – helped me to be where I am now.

About a month ago, I booked a ticket to San Francisco to work on a fresh and crispy project with MANTLE SOUND CORE (MSC) – its something I’ve never done before – electric/eclectic/experimental music and art all in 1!

check out GHETTO HOUSE MUSIC – the single we recorded together – and this will be one of the candidates for the video!

This will be a fun project – we will be shooting a couple of videos and exploring California from all possible sides! Will keep you updated!

Im away from tomorrow until 16th Sept. – well excited and can’t wait to do my first live video to share with you guys!!!



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